I have a deep appreciation for the little things, those endless tiny moments that make up a life. 

The goofy smiles and surprised faces. Whispers of "I love you" in the dark just before falling asleep. Automatically standing on your partners feet when it's time to slow dance. A toddler's face lighting up every time they see bubbles. Tiny sticky hands pressing against your cheeks when delivering a slobbery kiss. 


sweet valencia

I want to tell the story of you. Authentically. I want to document these everyday moments as the poetry they are. Let's go somewhere that has meaning to you with the people you love most. Let me capture you just being yourselves. 

So, if you make pancakes every Sunday in your underwear, let me come and capture it. If your first date was a picnic at King Edward Park, let's recreate it. If your family loves camping, let me bring the marshmallows.

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newcastle, nsw

I’m a photographer, mother, indoor plant enthusiast, Capricorn, lover of picnics, and salt and vinegar chip addict.

Miajane Kelly

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"Mia, you made me cry. The photos are so beautiful We had an absolute ball, Rob even said "maybe we do that each year!" Which floored me. You are incredible."

roohan family

"Mia created museum-worthy art from our little love story. I can't wait to look back on these photo's in twenty years time! Mia's direction was fantastic and seeing my partner relax and open up after being camera shy for years was a really wonderful experience."

Ellen & Roy

"Mia captured the most beautiful, natural moments. The photoshoot was out of our comfort zone but Mia made us feel so comfortable, our smiles in the photos were genuine."

stokes family

Mia made us feel extremely
relaxed and comfortable to be ourselves which resulted in a beautiful selection of both candid and posed photos that felt like they encapsulated each of our personalities perfectly.

peschar family

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